Top 5 Best Latvian Souvenirs

Top 5 Best Latvian Souvenirs

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Travel moments are precious and we do whatever it takes to keep them in our minds and hearts for as long as possible. A nice souvenirs is one of the best ways to take a part of a beautiful country or city back home. Riga offers a wide range of all kind of souvenirs – practical and artistic, edible souvenirs and collectibles. The best spots to buy them in Riga are Livu square and Valnu street in the Old Town and the Bergs Bazaar in the historical city center. The choice might be tough, but there are at least 5 popular Latvian souvenirs that you should seriously consider.

1. Laima Chocolate

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Laima is the most famous confectionery brand name in the Baltic, representing the history of Latvian sweets industry throughout several centuries. The range of products varies from traditional chocolate candies and sweets to exquisite handmade chocolate souvenirs in a form of luxury watches.

2. Wooden Tie Bows

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Handcrafted wooden tie bow is an extremely trendy accessory in Europe and Latvian artists are very good at making them both stylish and wearable. Design, materials and colors vary a lot and can easily satisfy any taste.

3. Honey and Bee Products

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Latvia is famous for producing high quality, tasty natural honey as well as amazing bee wax products: honey in combs, wax candles, biologically active pollen and much more.

4. Black Bread Lāči

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Unlike other breads, Lāči bread is baked according to ancient Latvian bread baking traditions and only from quality and natural ingredients. Without any preservatives. The bread yeast and each loaf of bread are manually made by an experienced bread baker.As per ancient traditions, Lāči bread is only baked on a hearth in a real brick oven heated by wood – and on a stone surface.

5. Pottery

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Latvian pottery is famous throughout Europe for it’s high quality and traditional design. Ceramic pots, cups and plates will be a perfect souvenir as these are functional design objects – works of art with a practical use for both special occasions and daily life.

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