Lithuania is a small plot of land at the Baltic Sea. The whole west fringe of the country (appr. 100 km) is occupied by the amber coastline with marvelous beaches of white sand. Clean waters of Sesupe, Dubysa, Nevezis and Nemunas flow. It is a country of gently rolling hills, many forests, rivers and streams, and deep clear lakes. Lithuanian culture represents a synthesis of ancient traditions, Christianity, and Western modernism.



Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania – is the largest city and a cultural, scientific, industrial centre. The city stretches along the valleys of the Neris and Vilnia rivers. Vilnius, one of the oldest Baltic cities, has a long history, rich in events. Vilnius Old Town is included into the UNESCO Heritage lists as one of the largest and most beautiful Old Towns in Central and East Europe. Vilnius is often referred to as a Baroque city. If you look above the Old Town, you might certainly agree with this description, as the view is dominated by Baroque church towers.



Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania and one of the oldest Lithuanian settlements spreading over unique glacial terrain. The relief of Trakai features moraine hills and numerous lakes. At the end of the 14th century when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania expanded its territories reaching as far as the Black Sea, the Grand Duke Vytautas brought some 400 families of Karaites (a small ethnic group) from the Crimea to serve as his castle guards. The old Tartarian houses along with their praying house keeneset still line down the Karaimu street.
The spectacular castle, surrounding landscape and local history make Trakai a great tourist attraction.



Kaunas is a geographical centre of Lithuania, a crossroad of the Eastern Europe. There are approximately 415 thousand people living in Kaunas. The city is an industrial, academic, cultural and religious centre. Kaunas is situated at the confluence of two rivers – the Nemunas and the Neris. In the Old town of Kaunas nearly all of the most significant old architectural monuments of the city are concentrated. These monuments have been restored and adapted to modern day needs. There are three theatres – the Drama Theatre, the Musical Theatre and the Puppet Theatre in Kaunas. There are many museums such as the Vytautas Magnus War museum, the M.K.Ciurlionis Art Museum, the Literary Museum, the K.Petrauskas Memorial Museum, the T.Ivanauskas Zoological Museum and many other places which are undoubtly worth visiting.



Palanga is a resort town where the Sventoji and Graze rivers run into the Baltic Sea. Palanga is the most popular sea resort in Lithuania. The famous white sand, the beach that seems to stretch forever and pine groves attract thousands of both Lithuanians and foreigners. There are two must-sees in Palanga: Birute Hill – is a tall sand-dune which originally boasted a pagan temple to Thunder god Perkunas that was guarded by Vestal Virginsand the Amber Museum, which has tens of thousands of different amber pieces on display.



KlaipÄ—da is the third Lithuanian city by to the number of its inhabitants. The city has numerous museums, galleries such as the Art Gallery, History Museum of Lithuania Minor, Blacksmith Museum of Lithuania Minor, and the Clock Museum. And if you like nature – you must visit Curonian spit, which is a 10 minute boat ride from the ferry terminal. There you will find Sea museum, ethnographic fisherman farmstead, take a walk on the pier, see the white sanded beaches or just take bus to Juodkrante or Nida towns. KlaipÄ—da stands out from other cities of Lithuania with its old and rich history as well as its architecture characteristic of western European cities and beautiful nature.


curonian spit

Nida – a town encompassing the entire Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit. The four settlements Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila and Nida are all situated on the road which is approximately 50 km long. It is known as a small fishing village as well.
Nida is only 50 km from Klaipeda, but it is considered to be the place of natural beauty. The dunes and the quaint brightly painted wooden houses make time spend here pleasant and exciting.

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