Best Riga Restaurants to Visit

best riga restaurants

Best Riga Restaurants to Visit

Latvian cuisine is typical of the Baltic region and, in general, of northern countries. Due to historical reasons it was influenced a lot by neighboring countries, such as Germany, Sweden and Russia. Latvian traditional dishes are usually pretty high in fat, include crops such as rye or wheat, oats, peas, beets, cabbage. Pork products and potatoes are the staples. Although Latvia is located on the seaside, national cuisine is not really favoring fish. Latvians do eat some smoked one, but not much.

Yet if we speak about food that’s available now in Riga, it’s really cosmopolitan and features a variety of national cuisines as well as a mix of different culinary traditions that’s called fusion. Lately Riga has become one of the popular destinations for gourmet trips and more and more world class restaurants open their doors in Latvian capital.

Live Riga Latvian tourism portal has published a top of the best restaurants that’s admired by both locals and tourists. If you are planning your trip to Riga and would like to complete it with few unforgettable dinners, then this top will become your ultimate guide!

Check out the Best Riga Restaurants 2016 and see you in Latvia soon!